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Science &Technology education can address food security in Ghana- GAST


imageThe Ghana National Association of Science Teachers (GAST) has urged government to pay special attention to science and technology education in the country.

GAST believed science and technology education is the solution to food security in the country, especially in the northern region the nation’s food basket. The President of GAST, Simon Addae-Conutsey stated this at the 58th launch of the National Science Week celebration in Tamale.

The launch also saw the induction of 14 members into office for the 2015-2016 GAST year. The science teachers pledged to use science and technology education to address environmental problems and other social cankers in the country.

The GAST president said the climate in Africa and Ghana in particular has revealed some significant changes which have turned what he called a climate of suspicion to a climate of opinion.

This, he said, has crippled and thwarted agriculturists’ efforts at ensuring food security. On the performance of science teachers, the GAST president said it is not very encouraging.

Mr Simon blamed the situation on all stakeholders and called for a holistic approach to address the poor performance of students in science.

To address the problem, GAST is proposing the reintroduction of allowances for science teachers to help improve the teaching and learning of science in schools.

The Northern Regional Director of Education, Alhaji Mohammed Haron whose speech was read on his behalf, gave a firm assurance of collaborating and supporting GAST and other bodies working in the area of climate change to ensure that the issue is tackled from a human element perspective.

The director urged the government to expedite actions on the science teachers special allowance as a renumeration package for them if the country is to fight climate change.

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