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Support teenage mothers continue to their education- Girl-child education Coordinator advises.


Support teenage mothers continue their education- Girl-child education Coordinator 
The Sagnarigu Municipal Directorate of the Ghana Education Service (GES), has intensified its campaign for teenage mothers and pregnant students to return to school after childbirth. The Girls Education Unit of the Directorate is also educating students on the effects of teenage pregnancy to help eliminate the menace among school girls. Speaking at a sensitization programme for BECE candidates, a Girl-child education Coordinator at the Sagnarigu municipality Rosina Zenabu Abdul-Rahman says much as the education directorate is concern about quality and affordable education, it is pertinent to be equally concern about the wellbeing of school children, especially when it became necessary to send teenage mothers back to school.She advised parents to support their children to return to the informal or formal school system after delivery to empower them economically. ”I think parents have a very big role to play in the growth and development of the girl child, because most parents push their girls into early marriages due to teenage pregnancy and school dropout, and this gives parents the mind that marriage is the ultimate solution which is wrong, parents should know that their girls cn continue schooling after delivery and nothing should stop her from achieveing her dreams”. The Ministry of Education has implemented a new policy to ensure that teenage mothers have the opportunity to go back to school while receiving support at home and from their community.Source: Ghana/Tamale/ D. Walter

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