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Green track students doubtful about returning to school

Some first batch of students in the northern region under the Green Track have expressed their disappointment at the government’s decision to introduce such policy.

Some of the Green Track students who are leaving the various campuses to pave way for their Gold Track colleagues say the double track system was frustrating them and should have not been introduced at all.

While expressing their disappointment with the new system, they said they harbour fears about coming back to school because of what they had gone through.

They mentioned infrastructure challenges, delay in beginning academic work and the shortage of teachers for the programs they were offering as some of the major challenges they encountered.

At the Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO) for example, the Green track students offering visual arts told Zaa News they did not have Islamic religious studies and Christian religious studies teachers when they reported on 11th September this year.

The students said they did not have such subjects teachers until now and wonder if the situation will change next academic term. Sometimes teachers of second year student will come and teach and it was not always frequent, the students lamented.

They are contemplating of not to returning to TAMASCO because of what they described as the terrible experience they had.

The frustrated students who spoke to Zaa News were from Bimbilla in the Nanumba North while others were from the Upper East and Upper West regions.

The students also complained bitterly about how the teachers or the school was in a rush to complete the symbols for the period and that teachers do not have time for slow learners.

TAMASCO is one of the schools in the northern region with huge number of students with somehow enough classrooms, but they have very weak furniture.

This, the students observed do not make teaching and learning effective.

At the Ghana Senior High School, the Green Track students told Zaa News that their parents cannot longer bear the cost of financing their belongings.

“We are from different regions here and because of inadequate infrastructure we have to carry our bags home and report on January 2018,” one student said.

In all the schools Zaa News visited, bedbug’s infestation was still a major worry to the students. A total of 173,971 candidates on the Gold Track have also printed their placement forms for the admission process.

When Zaa News visited some of the schools  within Tamale metropolis and Sagnarigu municipality, many parents and guardians had converged to assist their children and wards to go home.

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