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Competent and committed leadership is what Ghana needs says Hudu Yahaya


Aspiring National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Alhaji Hudu Yahaya has stated that for the country to improve and develop its economy, there is a need for competent and committed people to be elected to power.

Alhaji Yahaya said the world is a competitive world where a country must produce enough and quality goods to be able to meet the international market standards, citing China as a country that has moved from third to second place in the world’s economy.

Tribalism he said has no place in terms of producing the quality goods the country needs for its economic development.

The former PNDC secretary for northern region who was responding to questions from the media in Tamale after his interaction with delegates, called for Ghana’s educational system to be strengthened to enable it compete at high levels, adding that the NDC as a party should dwell on competence and make good use of the natural resources in the country.

Alhaji Yahaya said: “If quality and competent people are not put at the fore to give good planning in terms of development to build a strong economy to produce and create more jobs our children will continue to be food for the sharks in the Mediterranean sea.”

He has also advised party members to stop personal attacks on each other and focus on issues that will propel the party back to power.

He has assured delegates of good leadership to ensure victory come 2020. He said delegates must be united, committed to the principles and values of the party and as well choose competent aspirants to lead the party if they want to win power in the next elections.

The objective of every political party he said is to win power. According to him, managing the affairs of a political party should not be a one man’s show but a collective one.

He said his interest is to keep the integrity of the party to ensure that the party is strongly united in winning the 2020 elections.

Commenting on the NPP government manning affairs of the country, Alhaji Yahaya said what the NPP promised Ghanaians was direct opposite of what they are doing.

“Why is the physical projects such as one district one factory, one village one dam among other lofty promises,” he quizzed.

Alhaji Yahaya was speaking to the media in Tamale as part of his campaign tour of the northern region.

He has since left for the Upper East region to continue to share his message with delegates on why they should be elected national chairman.





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