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Stop child verbal abuse-UNICEF to parents

UNICEF has made a passionate appeal to parents in the northern region to stop the verbal abuse of their children.


Such practice, UNICEF observed, can lead the child to waywardness.

UNICEF is also pleading with women to stop taking the frustration from their husband to vent their anger on their children.


UNICEF’s Northern Regional Officer of Zongo and Slums for Wash and Child protection (ZOS-C4D), Madam Georgina Amidu, made the appeal at Tishigu, during a community engagement on water, sanitation and hygiene as well as child protection engagement meeting organized by The Light Foundation.


The engagement was to sensitize the community on the need for every household to have a toilet and adopt good sanitation practices.

Madam Georgina further admonished mothers not to curse their children at the least provocation, as women are fond of doing that.


Cursing or yelling insults at children, she observed, discourages them and can affect their confidence levels in future. Mothers, Madam Georgina advised, can resort to positive punishments of their children such as preventing them from watching their favourite TV shows or refusing to buy a gift for the child.


She also advised school children not to rush and copy the life styles of rich people or working class and leave their education and urged pupils from the Queen Elizabeth and Tishegu Anglican schools who attended the community engagement to concentrate on their schooling and leave fashion aside


She expressed worry about people relating criminal activities to Islam, which she said, is totally wrong, explaining that Islam connotes total submission and peace and pleaded with parents to have time with their children.


Madam Georgina told community members at Tishigu that poverty is not an excuse for irresponsible parenting.


On Sanitation, the UNICEF official urged the Muslim Ummah to bear in mind that the religion is all about cleanliness.  


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