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Control Malaria and it will reduce preterm babies-Nurse to Health authorities

A nurse at the Tamale Teaching Hospital New Born Intensive Care Unit (NICU), has suggested to the Ghana Health Service and the Malaria Control Program to put in more efforts in controlling Malaria.

The nurse who is in charge of the ward observed that, controlling malaria, especially among pregnant women will help reduce delivery of pre-term babies and infant deaths.

Hajia Mahamud Madina told Zaa News on the occasion of World Malaria Day that, most  pre-term babies in her ward are from pregnant women tested malaria positive.

She warned that until the issues of malaria are not control, pre-term babies number will continue to increase.

She revealed that, some pre-mature babies have malaria from their mothers even though it is not too common at facility
Pregnant women with malaria parasites she added mostly delivers before 10 gestational week and most of their babies are less than 1kilogram.

Hajia Madina made passionate appeal to nursing mothers who have their babies at NICU to listen the advice of nurses their babies have different problems which need special attention.

She also appealed to authorities for additional staff to fill in staff deficits.

The preterm babies she explained easily change with most having breathing difficulties.


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