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Don’t abuse contraceptives-midwife advises young girls

An assistant lecturer at the midwifery department of the medical school at the University for Development Studies (UDS), Ms. Darcha Rosina has advised young people in the Northern Region to bear in mind that their lust for sex comes with a lot of responsibility.

Madam Rosina who also a practicing midwife observed that there is a lack of sex education for the young people and this has led to the abuse of contraceptives.

The abuse of contraceptives, she explained, comes with a lot health implications and young people need to listen to health professionals.

Madam Rosina gave the advice at the Savanna Signatures monthly Sexual Health Education Plus (SHE+)Young Voices Forum. This month’s theme was ‘Contraception: Knowledge, Practices and challenges among young people.’

The aim of the forum was to provide young people a platform to table their sexual and reproductive health issues before health professionals for solution.

She has dismissed claims by many young people that taking contraceptives lead to weight gain among women. She explained that the normal women hormonal in-balances is what many young ladies attribute to weight gain.

On the safety of contraceptives, Madam Rosina assured young people that it is the only safe way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted disease.

She warned sexually active women to stop the daily intake of Postinor 2 which contains high hormones because it is for emergency purposes. She then urged sexually active girls to seek health professionals for advice because wrong intake of emergency contraceptives can shrink the ovaries.

On whether contraceptives affect menstrual cycles, she responded it sometimes interrupts the hormones but missing a menstrual cycle is not sickness. Young girls who are not ready for pregnancy she further advised must to make conscious effort to plan their lives.

She encouraged young couples to plan their pregnancy using what she called ‘preconceptions methods’.

Madam Rosina also operates the RADS Health Center in the Tamale.

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