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Mid-wife advises women in northern region to observe personal hygiene after birth.

A mid-wife at Nyanshegu clinic in the northern region, Madam Samira has advised women in the northern region to observe personal hygiene after birth to avoid postnatal infections.

She pointed out that the postnatal period is a very vulnerable time for the mother since she is prone to various infections. It is also a time when she requires a lot of physical and emotional support from her family, especially from her partner.

Speaking exclusively to Zaa News, the mid-wife indicated that neglecting to provide hygienic care for the mother during this time will only increase the chance of infections in both the mother and the child.

Postnatal hygiene, she added, is very essential as this can prevent infections and speed up the healing process of the mother’s body to return to the pre-pregnancy state. Postnatal hygiene is applicable not only for the mother, but also for the people around her, caring for her and the child.

Personal activities such as cleaning of the breast with clean water before the baby suckles, cutting of finger nails, keeping the hair clean in order not to distract the baby from sacking. She encouraged them to practice exclusive breast feeding.

Madam Samira noted after childbirth you will have some heavy bleeding like a menstrual flow, which might last up to two weeks, this she said, the woman must ensure postnatal care by cleaning the intimate areas and changing the sanitary pads 2 or 3 times a day.

After a cesarean delivery, extra care must be taken to ensure postnatal hygiene. She also asked that women should remember to keep stitches and the naval area clean and not to put pressure on the stitches.

She recommended foods that contain grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and protein. She further advised them to avoid taking cold foods.

“You must also make sure to eat hygienic food, wash all fruits and vegetables properly and ensure the food is cooked fully before eating,” she advised.



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