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Kennedy Agyepong Squirms and Fidgets Before Parliament’s Privileges Committee

Watching the boisterous and noisy legislator from Assin Central on video squirm and fidget before the Privileges Committee in Parliament on Monday made my day.

In fact, l was beside myself with unbridled excitement as Mr. Kennedy Agyepong struggled to find words to explain his crass attitude towards his own colleagues. He looked pitiful; all the bluster was gone.

Mr. Agyepong’s crude description of his own work place — Parliament — as cheap, wasn’t exactly a surprise. After all, he has engaged in this despicable behavior for years.

And through it all, nobody had the guts, the courage to take him on until Mr. Muntaka Mubarak decided he has had enough of his loudmouth colleague and hauled him before the Privileges Committee for casting aspersions on Parliament.

Let me state emphatically that it was about time Mr. Agyepong was cut down to size and brought crashing down to earth. Known more for his bombastic outbursts and delusional grandstanding than for any legislative accomplishments, Mr. Agyepong has single-handedly debased our political culture.

We send representatives to parliament to argue our positions and promote our interests. As such, we expect them to be civil, hardworking and personable. In short, we expect our political representatives to be nice and respectful to each other in the service of our great nation.

But, Mr. Agyepong with his outlandish statements and constant acerbic jabs at his political opponents, has done incalculable damage to our democracy. Even his own party, the NPP has not been spared his daily tirades.

Mr. Agyepong threatened on several occasions to expose the party for its alleged shady deals in the 2016 elections. And, how we can forget his recent vituperative encounter with investigative journalist, Anas Amereyaw Anas.

What is most galling, particularly annoying about Mr. Agyepong’s shenanigans is the fact that every time he pulls his crap, he gets away with it because nobody dares to take him on, or dares to tell him to knock it off, to stop the childish behavior and get on with the nation’s business.

So, he became emboldened by the Ghanaian public’s abject failure to confront him, to tell him that enough was enough. And, that he should grow up. Not unexpected, with time, Mr. Agyepong began to feel like he was the dominant player in Ghanaian politics, except that he is not; He is just a bit player. He has apparently forgotten that our politics is bigger than one person, his vast riches notwithstanding.

Now that he has been chastised and reprimanded by his colleagues and he has subsequently offered an apology, let’s hope that Mr. Agyepong will turn a new leaf and be civil in future encounters with others.

The hope also is that hence, he will concentrate on his legislative agenda for the sake of his constituents and put a screeching halt to all the nonsense he is known for. It serves no useful purpose to be combative and repulsive.

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