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Psychiatric nurse calls on government


As the world celebrates World Mental Health Day a Psychiatric Nurse at the Tamale Central Hospital (TCH) Isaac Borlu has called on government to pay attention to issues of mental health including the care givers of persons living with mental health conditions. According to him, there is no complete health without mental health. World Mental Health day is observed on October 10 across the world. The country he says has only three psychiatric hospitals in the entire country situated in the southern part of the country with few resident psychiatrist, living the northern sector to its faith, this he says make work difficult for care givers especially in the northern part of the country. These hospitals include; Patang, Ankaful and Accra psychiatric hospitals. He has therefore asked that more psychiatric hospitals be built in every region most especially in the north to serve the people. The goal of World Health Day is to increase awareness about mental health and the importance of mental in the overall health of a person. On this day, the idea is to empower people suffering from mental problems and encourage them to open up about it. This year, the theme for World mental Day is ‘’YOUNG PEOPLE AND MENTAL HEALTH IN A CHANGING WORLD’’.  The theme focuses on the adolescents and the mental health problems that they deal with. According to the world Health Organization (WHO), there is now a growing recognition of importance of helping young people build mental resilience at an early age. This helps adolescents cope with challenges of today’s world in a better way. WHO also states that half of all mental health conditions start by age 14 but most cases are undetected and untreated. It is also estimated that 10-20 percent of adolescents experienced mental health conditions, this the Psychiatrist says is worrying and advised the youth to say no to drug abuse and concentrate on positive activities that can make them responsible in future. Mr Isaac who was speaking to Zaa News indicates that harmful use of substances such as alcohol and other hard drugs affects the mental state of most adolescents. Mental illnesses he says have been linked to genetics(heredity), infections, brain defects or injury, and prenatal damage. Mr Issaac has also advised parents to be responsible towards their children’s growth and development.

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