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Youth leaders warn tribes insulting northerners; we are like colony of bees


Youth Leaders (Zaachis) in the Northern Region have issued a stern warning to some non-Northerners in Southern Ghana, who ignorantly do not know the history of their own ethnic groups but attempt to demeaning other tribes, to desist from insulting people from the three regions of the north.

The Zaachis said they will not be part of any tribal conflict those people want to ignite in Ghana but if the people in the north are their target, then such people should prepare for the same response in equal measure.

The youth leaders said they have been documenting insults and other acts of disrespect from certain ignorant people in the Ashanti region, who should be mindful of the fact that Ghana has carved a niche for herself when it comes to peaceful coexistence.

The youth leaders were addressing a news conference in Tamale on what they described as the last derogatory remarks to be coming from any tribe, which will be met in equal measure.

They were responding to the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah’s alleged ethnocentric comment against Northerners in an audio in reaction to the opposition NDC’s Joshua Akamba engagement with students of the Tempane Senior High School over the Free SHS Programme.

The minister has since denied ever making such malicious and tribal comments. The National Security is also investigating the origin and circulation of the said audio purported to be the voice of the Ashanti Regional Minister.

But even before the investigation is complete, the Zaachis are demanding that, the President, Nana Akufo-Addo sets up a committee to get to bottom of the matter and also bring to an end the continued unprovoked insults from certain tribes in the southern sector of the country.

According to them, this is the 3rd insult after the former Deputy Agric Minister, who was sacked for calling northern farmers liars when they complained about the invasion of the Fall Army Worm last year.

We are gradually being pushed to the wall and those pushing us will definitely see the other side of us, the Zaachis warned.

The Zaachis believed finding a lasting solution to this of type of ethnocentric comment will be better for Ghana. Insecurity in any nation is caused by some self-centered individuals and they sometimes do not fall victim to their evil deeds, Dakpema Zaachi Abdulai Seidu Shagban reminded the government.  The people of the three regions of the north, he noted, are like a colony of bees, if you touch it you will regret for touching it.

Mr Shagbaa said silence from the people of the north on the insults will mean that that’s the true picture they are painting. Which region in Ghana is more accommodating like the people of the north he quizzed; we treat all manner of strangers devoid of their ethnic backgrounds with respect.

The Lamashegu Zaachi, Alhaji Zakaria told the media that insults hurt the people of the north more than physical assaults and tribes engaging in denigrating northerners should very careful about their utterances because Ghana belongs to everybody and no tribe has the bragging right over others.

A spokesperson for the Zaachis and Nyankapala Zaachi, Sulemana Mohammed said the consistent insults touch them so much and is about time such behaviours stopped.

We trust that the president can crack the whip and also advised every Ghanaian about ethnocentric issues, Mr Sulemana said. We are appealing to the H.E. Nana Akufou-Addo to act now he added.


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