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Zoomlion deploys drones to fight mosquitoes in Ghana


Waste  management giant, Zoomlion Ghana Limited, has resorted to the use of drones in its quest to get rid of mosquitoes in the northern region. The use of drone according to Zoomlion forms part of the company’s new strategy in larva source management (LSM).

The vector control unit of Zoomlion over the years under the nation-wide Mosquito Control Program (NAMCOP) has been using different means to deal with larvae in chocked drains and gutters breeding places for mosquitoes.

NAMCO is a mosquito control strategy that is implemented through collaboration between the ministry of health and Zoomlion Ghana.

The deployment of drones according to Zoomlion was to identify active breeding sites of mosquitoes which will enable them to develop a map of the site before treating the site.

Northern Regional Victor control Officer of Zoomlion, Mr. Abdulai Aziz Yelsuma, explained to Zaa News at Nyanshegu in the Sagnarigu Municipality during a fumigation exercise that, the pilot drone project will identify specific areas where larvae are both in stagnant water and in drains doted in the communities.

“Over years we been using various strategies to combat the causative agent of malaria but as we have seen, any strategy  we have employed, the mosquitoes adapt and are able to stay on to survive in the system and as they change, we also need to change hence, the use of drones,” Mr Abdul Aziz said.

The pilot drone project in Sagnarigu if successful, Mr Abdul Aziz explained, will be replicated in other districts across the rest of districts. The use of drones, he said was to improve upon the previous methods and approach used to control mosquitoes in the northern region.

While locating breeding places of mosquitoes, Zoomlion, the victor control officer said, is continuing its dusk and dawn spraying targeting adult mosquitoes in their habitat.
Mosquitoes Mr. Abdul Aziz noted, are usually seen flying at dusk and dawn compelling the company to procure insecticides for the purpose.

The assembly man for Nyanshegu/Gumani electoral areas, Mr. Shaibu Abukari Karimoggu commended Zoomlion for identifying his area one of the major flood prone areas within the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Tamale North constituency.

“The fumigation was good for my area because we have a lot of stagnant waters,”  Mr Karimoggu said. The fumigation exercise he added, will have great impact because it kills mosquitoes and other insects.

“When they spray like this, it normally takes close to two months before you notice signs of mosquitoes,” the assembly man said.



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