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2 arrested with AK47 &Pump action gun in a chieftaincy dispute in Tamale


Police in the northern region have arrested two persons in a chieftaincy dispute at Begliga Dakpemyili, a community about 20killometers away from Tamale. The police named two are Andani Yakubu Wahid and aged 30 and Alhaji ABDUL Salam Sobo.

The suspects were napped with AK 47 assault rifle loaded with 15 rounds of ammunitions, a pump action gun also loaded with 5 cartridges and bulletproof vest at Dakpemyili.  

Briefing the media on the arrest, Deputy Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commission of Police (DCOP), Moses A. Atibila said the suspects were intercepted in a Hundai  Santafi 4*4car with registration number GW 3225-16 at the village. A search conducted by the police on the vehicle DCOP Atibila said revealed a bag containing the weapons.

Preliminary investigation DCOP Atibila said indicates that the suspects were recruited by Vittin Yapalisi Naa (a sub-chief), Alhaji Aminu Ayuba to escort a newly installed chief from Banvum in the Tamale metropolis to the village.

The paramount chief of Banvum according to the commander elevated the sub-chief of Bagliga from Kobilmahin Naa to a status with the Bagliga chief.  The decision of Banvum Lana the police said infuriated Bagliga chief and his supporters who indicated their readiness to resist the entry of the elevated chief to the community.    

The police intelligence points to Vittin Yapalisi Naa and Aminu Ayuba as those who organized young men to forcefully escort the chief to the community and to deal with resistance that might ensued.

Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga also told the media that the two suspects laid ambush with the weapons on the only road leading to the community to attack opponents of the chieftaincy divide but the joint police team upon a hot chance arrested them.

He explained that registration number of the AK47 was erased but it is suspected to be the police property.  

Further search conducted on Yapalisi Naa house was another empty AK 47 magazine was found in his wardrobe, one local made sword and a jack knife.

Prosecution commenced on 2

The suspects have been arraigned before Tamale district court and two, Alhaji Abdul Salam Abdul Sobo and Aminu Ayuba reminded into police custody to reappeared on 31st May 2021 whilst the chief granted bail.

Arms trafficking on police radar

Mr Andani Yakubu Wahid, Superintendent Ananga said was already on police radar for arms trafficking and threat of death. The suspect he added s being investigated by the CID for which a search warrant was obtained by the police to search and recover the said arms police surveillance was mounted on him until his arrest.

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