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45 chiefs and elders declare support for Ya Naa appointed Nanton Naa

Forty-five (45) Chiefs and community elders from the Nantong traditional area have pledged their unflinching support for Nanton Naa M.B Bawa who has been appointed as the paramount chief of Nanton.

The chiefs who went to pay homage to the Nanton Naa at his residency in Sagnarigu said they cannot disrespect the authority of the overload of Dagbon and that their ancestors will not forgive them if they disrespect customs and traditions of Dagbon.

The chiefs, some over 80 years old, told the media that they have lived in the area under five successful chiefs of Nantong appointed by the Ya Naa and nobody in the area has the audacity to challenge the Yaa Naa’s decision.

They warned the self-styled Nantong Haruna Tia to be mindful of his utterances sand actions. It will be recalled that some youth believe to be under influence of Zosali Lana protested against the selection of Alhaji.M. B Bawa as the chief of Nantong.

Defying the authority of the Ya-Naa, the irate youth inexplicably issued death threats. Nantong traditional area has 57 towns and communities and out of the number, 45 have declared their support for the Yaa Naa’s choice.

The chiefs explained that per the tradition the newly appointed Nantong Naa will first sleep at Gbabshee and the Gbabshee Naa he will then send the new Nantong Naa to Nantong but Zosali Lana Haruna Tia has not done that and yet calming to be Nantong Naa.

They warned that his actions will consume him if he continues to disrespect the customs and traditions of Dagbon with impunity.

Further the chiefs said they are not ready to allow selfish individual interest to affect their farming this year.
They have also warned those who want to create conflict in the Nantong traditional area to desist from it because Nantong cannot be a conduit for another blood shed in Dagbon.

They also want the government that was instrumental in the performance of the formal funerals in Dagbon but remained mute over Nantong issue to treat the behavior of the Zosali Lana as purely a criminal behavior to serve as a deterrent to any other current government member who think they can capitalize on their political party in power and disrupt peace in Dagbon.

The over 80-years-old Gberima Naa Alhassan Abu who was upset about the development described the current development in Nantong as shameful and wonders why state cannot stress its authority.

“I know my being here is already gotten to the Zosali Lana Haruna Tia but I care less because how many years am I going to live in this world again,” he said. “I cannot lie.”

Secretary to the 45 chiefs and elders from Nanton who presented their concerns to the media stated that the Zosali Naa Haruna Tia never customarily applied or contested the Nanton skin and expressed shock that he could quickly mobilize youth and some few elders to burn tires and threaten mayhem.

He said the majority in Nantong cannot allow minority elements within the area to destroy the gains made by the Otumfuo led committee of eminent chiefs.

He reminded the self styled Nanton Naa that he is not the only Abudu in the current NPP government adding that he should focus his mind on the population of Abudus and Andanis in Dagbon.

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