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Chairman Wontumi Debasing The Political System With Antics And Name-Calling

I have always maintained that our political system is bloody, ugly, and is full of sycophants, bloviators, blowhards and an assortment of con men and women.

Together they have severely and systemically debased the system to the extent that it is no longer viewed with the same reverence, absolute respect and awe that it once was held with by Ghanaians. To be honest, the political system has become a running joke in some circles.

One individual who in recent times has contributed in no small measure to the debasement of the political culture is the outrageous and despicable Ashanti regional chairman of the ruling NPP, Mr. Bernard Antwi Bosiako, also known as Chairman Wontumi.

His unguided and morally repugnant utterances say a lot about the man. Not only is he uncouth, he also sorely lacks the intelligence and temperament to be part of the national political discourse.

More disturbing, Mr. Wontumi does not believe in according prominent national figures on the other side of the political spectrum the due respect they have rightfully earned.

Mr. Wontumi’s ongoing verbal spat/fisticuffs with the former president, Mr. John Mahama is grossly misplaced, very unwise, hugely unnecessary and designed primarily to please his political paymasters and to demonstrate that he is a tough cookie/guy who won’t crack under any circumstances.

Despite having his late father’s name dragged through the mud by the odious Wontumi, Mr. Mahama much to his credit has elected to stay over the fray. He hasn’t responded in similar fashion or engaged in name calling.

That Mr. Wontumi has the audacity to summon the courage to hurl insults at a former president is an indictment of the political party that groomed and nurtured him.

In addition, the party’s failure to restraint Wontumi suggests somehow it fully enjoys the ugly spectacles that he creates.

Sure, there are some in the NDC who are equally obnoxious, inconsiderate and given to outlandish statements.

Nonetheless, Wontumi’s crass behavior takes the cake, it is worse and constitutes a sad commentary on how degenerative our political system has become.

In another development, Senior minister, Mr. Osafo Marfo angered many Ghanaians with his pathetic and lame rationalization of Aisha Galamsey’s acquittal and eventual deportation from Ghana for violating galamsey laws.

Mr. Marfo explained the government’s action in the matter as doing a favor to its Chinese counterpart because down the road, Ghana was going to enjoy a handsome loan from the Chinese government. So, Ghana needed to play its cards carefully.

If this is not corruption of the highest order, then I don’t know what it is. Inequity and unfairness reign supreme here.

Ms. Aisha a Chinese businesswoman had violated our laws and our judicial system found her guilty. She should have served time in jail.

Meanwhile poor, ordinary Ghanaians who commit lesser crimes are severely dealt with by the law and handed lengthy prison time.

Mr. Marfo and Mr. Wontumi are just two spoilers who have no gumption about debasing our political system to satisfy their selfish desires.

When it is all said and done, the fundamental question remains: Are Ghanaians going to sit idly by and watch a system that they have carefully and painstakingly built over the last 30 something years abused and manhandled by a few individuals?

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