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52 year old woman appeals for 10,000K to undergo breast surgery


As the world observe breast cancer awareness month this October, 52 year old Sanatu Mahama from Savelugu in the Northern region is seeking an amount of 10,000 cedis to undergo breast cancer surgery. Mma Sanatu has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer during a breast cancer screening at the Yoo Naa’s palace in Savelugu and referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital and needs urgent medical attention to save her life.

In an interview with Zaa news’s Jonas Biawurbi, she indicated that she has been battling with the disease for over four years but has still not got its remedy. She also revealed that for the period of the four years, her son have been treating the disease with local herbs yet the condition continue to deteriorate. 

According to her, the son who is her only support couldn’t afford money to take her to hospital for treatment hence resorting to local treatment.  However, all herbs and concoctions used to treat her did not yield any results but only worsen the condition.

She’s therefore appealing to the general public, benevolent organizations, philanthropists and individuals to support her undertake the surgery as advised by doctors of Tamale Teaching Hospital.

Meanwhile Paramount chief of Savelugu, Yoo Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani V has paid 4,000 cedis for the commencement of the first stage of the treatment at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, but cost of the surgery however is still not available.

A pathologists at Tamale Teaching Hospital, Professor Edmund Muonir Der, who made the diagnosis said her condition is a severe breast cancer which has gone beyond the advance stage of the disease and might claim her life if she does not undergo surgery as soon as possible.

The head of pathology department of the hospital also revealed that, the cancer has eaten into the skin of mma Sanatu and is spreading too fast to other parts of her body hence urgent measures need to be taken.  According to Professor Der, the woman will need “not less than 10,000 Ghana cedis to enable her go through a breast cancer surgery”.

Professor Edmund Muonir Der also used the opportunity to appeal to women to report any abnormalities they feel in their breast to the hospital for early treatment to prevent future complications. Biawurbi

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