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Being a cadre became a stigma during the period of our development-Adam Ibrahim reveals


A former Minister of Food and Agricultural during President Rawlings regime Alhaji Ibrahim Adam has revealed that at a point in the development of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), being a cadre became stigma.

The situation he recalled went so bad to the extent that some members concluded that either they were forgotten species or being an endangered species.

Alhaji Ibrahim now a sub chief in the Savelugu traditional area (Kashee Naa) told his colleague cadres at a day’s conference in Tamale that some went out of the way to prevent cadres from taken up senior government positions.

He reminded NDC members that the party cannot survive with the cadres.

The Kanshee Na explained that when it comes to cost effective organizations, it is the cadres who knows how to go about it.

The cadres he said don’t examine economic feasibility or ask for money before carrying party activities unlike now.

 The spirit that held us cadres needs to be revived and inculcated into the young ones so that they can pick up the torch, he pleaded with colleagues.

Alhaji Hudu Yahaaya flank by Alhaji Ibrahim Adam

He described the cadres folding their hands at point a tactical withdrawal by cadres when they refrain themselves from senior political position in the party.

Recounting his experience in the party, the former Choggu-Tishegu Member of Parliament disclosed that he was ‘drag’ into PNDC government by his two years secondary school senior Alhaji Hudu and hope that Alhaji Hudu’s vast experience will tapped.

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