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Actor bans 3 year for sleeping with married woman


The palace of Tamale Dakpema in consultation with Northern Drama and Film Makers Association (NODRAFIM) have imposed three (3) year band in the movie industry on a popular actor, Aborimaham Bashiru from acting for sleeping with a colleague married woman.

This was after the actor had paid a fine of 5, 000 GHC, ram, and three (3) fowls for sleeping with a married lady. The band was announced by the Dakpem Dema-Naa, chief Adam Musah at the palace Saturday, March 27, 2021, when the actor came to present the penalties.

The Dema-Naa said NODRAFIM, the group Aborimaham belongs took the matter very serious and imposed 3 months band actor for three (3) years in accordance with their rules as professional body.

Multiple media reports that a team of military men had to whisk embattled Aborimaham away because he was nearly beaten up by a group of angry mobs who had besieged the palace.

While some demanded that he should be caned by the palace for his acts, others wanted him to be at least shaved. When they were not getting what they wanted, they then demanded his release to them, so he can be beaten ‘well well’.

The husband of the cheating wife, Natogma Yakubu insisted his rival should be caned publicly, adding that he was not satisfied with the palace judgment.

Responding to him, Dakpem Saha-Naa, Mr. Laminu Awal said the palace found it difficult to grant the demand of the husband because of the two (2) children between the couples, emphasizing that the stigma of the whole issue will affect the children.

He initially together with his foreman Mr Abdul Latif even after confessed sleeping with the lady told the palace that they still want the lady.

The foreman on Zaa weekend Chat Show thanked the Dakpema Palace for their intervention to instill discipline in the metropolis and also instituting punitive actions against the actor.

He rendered unqualified apology to angry sympathizers who demanded that Mr Natogmah divorce his wife outright. He said he advised the husband not to divorce the lad.

According to him, it was only him and Mr Yakubu who was at the palace when the actor made first appearance and self-confession.

Their family head was not happy about their decision. Their decision now is, they have divorced the lady after public condemnation their earlier decision. According to the Mr Latif, Aborimaham iniquity affected Yakubu’s work at his work place.

“The elders asked us if we still want our wife; Yakubu said no but I told him you don’t just divorce a woman like that so he reverted his earlier decision and yes” Mr Latif told host of Zaa Chat Show Alhassan Abdul Mumin. He continue; ’’we are extremely grateful to the Tamale Dakpema and his elders but we will never forgive the actor for destroying the union here and hereafter’’ the pained Mr Latif stated.


The Tamale Naa Dakpema, Fuseini Bawa on March 25, 2021 summoned the actor after the husband of lady lodged complaint at the palace about his wife and the actor, Bashiru Aborimahim iniquities.  

Speaking on behalf the palace, entertainment Chief, Musah Dema-Naa told journalists that the fine was to serve as a deterrent to actors in the industry in northern region.

Dakpema Dema-Naa told the media that Aborimaham at first appearance at the Dakpema Palace, during interrogation admitted of having several affairs with Nantogmah’s wife.

“Whatever Nantogma said is true, I have had several affairs with his wife but I apologized for whatever pain I have caused him. I have regretted the act and have since distanced myself from her”, Aborimaham confessed.

Until now, there have been widespread allegations of “role for sex” in the acting industry in the northern region.

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