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Anyone who speaks ill of me on my page will be blocked and deleted; Kawastone warns .


Mohammed Abdul-Rashid, popularly known as Kawastone, has sent a strong warning to his critics who come into his own page to disrespect him by saying all kinds of things.

The most well-known artist of all time, Kawastone, who is also the host of the most popular edu-info-entertainment talk show series named Zaa Kootu at Zaa TV Ghana, authored this on his personal Facebook page, where he tactically cautioned some of his fans who lately are becoming nuisances among his social media family members and asked them to immediately put a stop to it or he cleans the house himself.

“I expected us to be each other’s keepers and to support one another no matter the situation.” Standing strong and firm for each other is what real friends and fans do, not the opposite. Any one who is against me does not belong here and should delete themselves immediately, because from now onwards whoever says anything against me shall be blocked and deleted. “You can be against me on your timeline, page, or wherever, but please not here.” He writes.

Nonetheless, Kawastone, in his own point of view, said true friends and supporters stand strong and solid for each other, and when they come together, they should look out for one another and support one another in all circumstances. Everyone who is against him, he said, would be blocked and deleted from his page.
He however welcomes constructive criticism, opposing viewpoints, recommendations, and the like, but when something is detected that goes against that, he humbly advises that such people should kindly pardon him when they part ways.
“Thanks to every real fan and friend here. “May God bless us all,” he concludes

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