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Prince Mukadi Gbramoni raises Zaa Multimedia reputation further by wining Media Personality of the Year.


Halid Prince Mukadi, the host of the Sports Connect show on Zaa TV and Zaa Radio at Zaa Multimedia, won Media Personality of the Year. The Northern Region Awards 4th Edition 2022 took place last Saturday at Bole Dubai Resort in the Savannah Region.
This young and talented sports journalist, has not only uplifted the image of Zaa Multimedia but sports in Northern Radio and TV in general. He has in fact raised the bar for aspiring journalists, especially those who are currently working at Zaa Multimedia and its sister stations in the region.
He has won the hearts of his followers as the host of the Sports Connect show on Zaa TV and Radio. His admirers value his key role in trying to transform the smaller local teams and his desire to bring them to the limelight for more exposure.
“I would like to thank you all for making it possible, and all praise be to Allah. I appreciate you all for your support and am thankful to the organizers for this great initiative. Together, we can, as always, but remember, I am dedicating the award to you all. I am blessed to have you all. God bless you all.” He shares on his official Facebook page.
“I will continue to be true to all of you, my followers, and I pledge to do even more in 2023,” he continued.
Prince Mukadi is a very active member on social media, and as such, many of his followers on social media congratulated him on achieving such a feat, while others heaped praise on him. “Hard work pays well deserved.” Al-hassan Seidu Dikwakwa Ynwa comments. Bawa Wakaso on the other hand, also commented, “Alhamdulillah. Prince definitely deserves more awards. But the sky is the limit.”
“He is really a hard-working person, so he deserves it and the best.” “I hope to see him in the future, Chaman, and please accept my heartfelt congratulations.”
He had about 164 comments, 4 shares, and 1.5K likes to his credit.

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