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Areas without light will have to bare it, we are not safe to attend to you – NEDCO to Tamale residents


Communities without electricity from Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo), will have to be in the situation for some time as officials are not ready to attend to any problem. NEDCo says they have not officially suspended operations but cannot provide any service for safety reasons.

The workers, according to NEDCo met distractions of cars and portions of their head office vandalized by some irate youth on Saturday over last week’s police brutality at Napanzoo. Speaking to Zaa News on complains about lights out in some areas within their operational area, the Public Relations Officer of NEDCo Ibrahim Ababa said, 80% of the company’s work is done in the communities but safety of their workers cannot be guaranteed for now.

 Mr Ababa told Zaa News that management of NEDCO is not sure if the perpetrators are still hovering around their offices to visit mayhem on them. The management he stated considers workers safety very serious and urged areas without lights to bear with them.  

NEDCo, he added is ready to provide services to their customers but it appears tempers are still high and their staff may still be attack. He said they have lodged an official complain to the police about the distraction in their offices and expects the law enforcement agencies to follow due processes in identifying those who carried out the act. 

Mr Ababa said ideally, areas with electricity problems should have been attended to, but staff cannot use their private vehicles or even official vehicles to render services to anybody now. The company, Mr Ababa explained expects residents to calm down after its apology to the chiefs and people and the victims in the northern region which unfortunately didn’t happen.

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