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Enough of the wanton police victimizations in Tamale – Dagbang Zaachis Association cautions


The leadership of Dagbang Zaachis Association and the Dagbang youth association have called for an end to what they called series of police wanton torture and victimizations of peace-loving and law-abiding people in Tamale.

Dagombas the Zaachis observed have demonstrated regards to and respect for the Ghana police service but incidents from the past two years suggest to them that the police in the region holds a dangerously pre-poisoned mentality against the people of Dagbang.  The Zaachis say vindictive posturing of the police has manifested in the past events.

The Zaachis in cataloging police brutalities mentioned the January 16, 2020 incident where a driver was chased to Gbewaa palace for reportedly disobeying traffic orders and was beaten by personnel of Ghana police service in spite of pleas from the palace elders.

The said officer, the Zaachis recollects made disparaging remarks ostensibly questioning the authority of the king of Dagbang, Ya Naa Abukari II, the Zaachis added had to ordered for immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the then Yendi Divisional police commander ACP Peter Akokora Ayirezang from Yendi municipality over his alleged meddling in Dagbang chieftaincy issues and disrespect for Ya-Naa and the Yenni skin.

Source: Lukman

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