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Celebration of Damba festival cancelled in Yendi


DAMBAThe 2015 celebration of the Damba festival in Yendi has been cancelled by the Dagbon Traditional Council. The cancellation was in consultation with custodians of Dagbon customs, His majesty  the Kampakuya-Na Andani Yakubu Abdulai, the Regent of Dagbon and Acting President of Dagbon Traditional Council.

A directive from the Dagbon traditional council said this year’s festival will not be celebrated in the Yendi township due to the difficult circumstances Dagbon finds itself.

A statement signed by the Registrar of the council, Mohammed Adam Gariba said the festival cannot be celebrated when the very foundation of the customs and traditions are being destroyed on the basis of convenience and peace, irrespective of its far reaching repercussions on the Dagbon Kingdom.

The statement further stated that the festival cannot be celebrated when peace and tranquility which were once the mainstays of the Dagbon society are now fading fast, leading to fear and anguish among the people.

It said it cannot be celebrated when certain fundamental aspects of the customs and traditions have been taken for granted by some powers without any justification.

His majesty stated that even though he has decided not to take part in this year’s Damba Nanima (Chiefs) are apparently aware of his decision.

The difficulties facing Dagbon as a people especially in the march towards finding lasting peace and justice are being made worse, the statement noted. It however urged all revered Nanima who wish to celebrate Damba in their respective traditional areas to do so.

Meanwhile, the president John Dramani Mahama is expected to join the Chiefs and People of Mamprugu Traditional area for the celebration of the Damba festival.

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