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Chief Cautions Public Against Taking Photos of Accident Victims



The chief of Lamashegu, Alhaji Ziblim Abdulai has cautioned the public against taking videos and pictures of accident victims at accident scenes.

Alhaji Abdulai said instead people rescuing people involved in accidents, some people in the northern region especially, the youth take delight in filming people in difficult situations.

Alhaji Ziblim said humanity detest such attitudes and urged those engaging in it to rather have sympathy on victims.

The lamashe Naa was not happy some human beings have the heart to withstand the Wednesday gas explosion accident that occurred at the industrial area claiming one live and injured several others.

Naa Ziblim told Zaa News that, a young man was spotted taking video with his mobile phone of the helpless victims and the deceased welder.

The young man the chief said was brought to his palace and upon interrogation, he didn’t have any reason for his ill-advised action.

He warned that God forbid, should such incident happen in his jurisdiction and anyone caught filming it, such person will be dealt with.

Taking videos of accident scenes by bystanders seems to be the norm in the Tamale metropolis. Bystanders stand clueless, and instead of calling for either ambulance or fire service, they surround victims who are mostly unconscious taking photos .

But the Lamashe Naa described these as senseless and called an for immediate stop to it. “If it was the police or fire service taking videos, we will understand them but civilians who should be running for his or her life doing this, it beats my imagination,” Lamashe Naa said.

Meanwhile, the deceased, a native of Volta region but resident in Tamale has since be buried in accordance with Islamic religion.

The lamashegu Chief together with the leadership of the industrial area have scheduled Sunday for funeral rites of the late wilder.

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