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Communal violence delay Chereponi roads project – DCE

The renewed communal violence that erupted in May 2019 has been attributed  to the delay start of  work to commenced on the Chereponi – Tamale road, District Chief Executive (DCE) has revealed.

The pacel of land ethnic violence between the Chokosis  and Konkombas claimed several lives  with hundreds of people displaced.

The deprived Easter Dagbon is bedeviled with several developmental challenges. Key among them is bad road network.
However, luck befelts the area when  contractors move in to commenced work on the terrible 56km Yendi-Chereponi road.

Roads and Highways Minister, Mr Akwasi Amoaku Atta in June announced during President visit to the area that contractors will soon move to site to start work.

The DCE told the people that contractors were indeed  moved to the site with four tracks  and established a post at Garinkuka community.
Culverts and sea sand were seem at the site in the community.

The Chereponi DCE Mr Abdul Razak Tahiru who was responding questions on the bad road network at the Assembly’s turn of the meet the press  was no happy that it was interrupted.

Motorist now used  about  5 hours to travel from Tamale-Chereponi road on cumulative of 116 kilometer road.

Workers in the district have told  Zaa News that you risk of being  cut off  from the area if you are not luck.
Residents in the area say with the relatively peace currently in the area, the assembly must do all within their means to get the contractor back to site.

He was hopeful that contractors will soon get move back to site and commenced work.

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