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Dedication, hard work and commitment with loyalty to NDC earned you NEC appointment-group eulogizes yellow man


The Loyal Members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Northern Region have congratulated the former aspiring northern regional chairman of the party for his appointment to the Executive Committee (NEC).  

The leadership of the party having recognized the hard work and dedication of Mr Godfred Apasinaba Wumbei (Yellow yellow appointed him to NEC, the highest decision-making body together with others.

The loyal members described the appoint as a good step to blend 

experience for a resounding victory for NDC 2024 general elections. A statement signed by regional convenor Mohammed Mutala said ” we are glad to shout a big thanks and appreciation to the General Secretary and the entire leadership and support base of the NDC for this honor, we are indeed grateful”.

The statement continued; your recent appointment is a glowing testament to your crowed pulling spirit, dedication, hard work and commitment with loyalty to the National Democratic Congress’ Before – During – and after your tenure as the Northern Regional Organizer of the Party.

The statement while congratulating Mr Godfred noted that every sacrifice he has made and every minute he has put in NDC from his teenage age has led him to this extraordinary moment.

The Loyal Members and the Grassroots the statement added are thrilled to celebrate King Yellow as his affectionately called accomplishment.

The group assured King Yellow of their unflinching support and that the teaming grassroots are poised to strictly enforce whatever plans legitimately his team shall come out with, that would secure NDC one-touch victory in the next 16 months.

“We are confident that your journey ahead will be marked with similar successes as in the past’’ the group statement concluded.

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