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Desist from using Dagbon peace for political gains, Security analyst to politicians

Adam Bonah, security analyst

A security analyst Mr. Adam Bonah has cautioned the ruling New Patriotic Party to desist from doing politics with the current peace in Dagbon.

“Dagbon existed before party politics and so it will be very good if political parties and their appointed communicators and those who want to either become members of parliament or want to be presidents or assembly members within the Dagbon area should be mindful of how sensitive the Dagbon issue is and respect themselves and respect the people of dagbon and respect the people of this country because, dagbon crisis as we use to call it is no longer there, we have some semblance of peace in dagbon. It cost all of us a lot of pain, lives were lost, a lot of resources pumped into the place to bring peace. So once you begin to see politicians coming out to say reward me for bringing peace to dagbon, I would say that, the radio stations and those institutions and individuals there would be talking to, we should ignore them and be suspicious of them,” he stated.

According to him, the peace in Dagbon is not an achievement for any political party therefore, it will be very dangerous for any party to want to leverage on it for political gains.

He said anyone who played a role in the restoration of peace in Dagbon did so because it was their duty so they therefore cannot claim credit for work done.

“Anyone who played a role, should remember it was the person’s duty to play a role and therefore for me I would not encourage anything of that sort. The media should be wary of greedy selfish politicians who would want to benefit from the peace we see today. It doesn’t matter if we had peace in dagbon during NDC or we had peace in dagbon during NPP, it doesn’t matter, it is immaterial,” Bonah said.

Speaking on Zaa major news, he urged politicians to cease talking about such sensitive matters and allow Dagbon to yield saying that “We don’t want to go back to where we came from.

“We can’t go and talk about such sensitive matters, lets allow dagbon to heal  or else then you will see other people beginning to foment trouble so that we go back to where we came from,” he added.

The security analyst urged the people of Dagbon to ignore any individual or persons who would want to take advantage of the peace in dagbon.

He indicated that some people he described as “conflictprenuers” are ready to take advantage of such matters to serve their interests through conflicts.

Mr. Bonah also admonished civil society organizations and all peace crusaders to lead the crusade ahead of election 2020 to set the dos and don’ts for politicians. He said the rules should be set clear on peace and persons who would violate them should not be regarded.


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