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Settle your indebtedness before we name and shame you, NDA to debtors

Abandoned tricycles at NDA

The Northern Development Authority, NDA has announced to people who are still indebted to the authority to settle their debts before it names and shames them.

Many people who purchased tricycles under the former SADA tricycle project have either not made any payment at all or have not completed their payments.

Addressing the media in Tamale, the acting CEO of NDA, Dr. Abdul Majeed Haroun said the authority will begin to name and shame such people in the coming days.

Out of a total of Ghs 33,649,200 expected from the sale of the tricycles, only Ghs 258,271 payment have been made. The amount represents 4% of the total debt with an outstanding balance of Ghs 32,390,929.


In 2015, the former SADA entered into a Public Private Partnership with UNIK Savannah limited to procure 5,000 tricycles under the tricycle project at a cost of $9,500,00.

Out of the 5,000 tricycles procured, 3,000 were assembled with 2,239 sold out leaving 732.

Currently, there are about 94 containers totaling about 2000 tricycles left unassembled at the NDA ware house.


UNIK Savannah Limited which was in charge of the sale of the SADA tricycles collapsed six months after its creation, according to the NDA CEO, Dr. Haroun.

He also said UNIK Savannah was unable to retrieve payments from beneficiaries of the tricycles through its marketing officers and agents.


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