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Give priority to child protection in Ghana, g’vt urged


The Ghana NGOs forum organizing committee has appealed to government to increase the amount earmarked for child protection in the upcoming 2020 budget and in subsequent ones.

The committee also asked that the budget should be entirely disbursed to adequately fund and implement the existing plans and policies particularly in the key areas of Birth Registration, Alternative Care, Justice for Children, Child Marriage and Child Sexual and Reproductive Health.

In a statement the committee noted that the budget required to bring child protection services in Ghana up to the minimum level demanded by the CRC is far lesser than the budget required for children’s education, health and sanitation.

The statement noted that the child protection allocations are critically important as they address the needs of the most vulnerable children, and the economic benefits of preventing abuse or addressing existing abuse are substantial.

In addition, the statement said despite the hard work by the NGO sector, UNICEF as well as GoG in various well-crafted and fully costed policies and plans for the protection of Ghana’s children, there is still an absence of full and effective implementation, a situation the committee described as worrying.

It therefore was calling on government to give priority to the welfare and protection of children in Ghana.


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