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Section of Andani Royal family elders backs 3 eminent chiefs Dagbon peace road map

Some section of the Andani Royal family, made up of chiefs, elders and youth have backed the implementation of the three eminent chiefs’ road map to peace.

They described themselves as the final decision makers when it comes to the performance of the funeral of the Late Ya Naa Yakubu Andani and said their decision supersedes the Late Chief’s immediate family- his children and widows.

At a news conference held in the private residence of the Kumbun Naa and addressed by a member Alhaji Baba Issifu, they maintained that the scheduled date for the funeral of late Ya Naa Yakubu Andani will come on as announced by the Asantehene.

The news conference was attended by the Vo Naa Mahamadu Baba Bawa, the Warivei Naa, the Watugu Lana, the senior regent of Zagbalun and the Gno Naa and some youth.

Mr Issifu described the Kpan Naa who addressed the media on Saturday on the position of immediate family of the late Ya Naa Yakubu as someone who has no locus.

According to him, the final decision makers did not withdraw from the 3 eminent chiefs report. The mediation committee, Mr Issifu said,was represented by the head of the Andani family (Yoo Naa Abukari Mahama ),the Vo-Na Mahamadu Bawa (spokesperson for Andani family), Lamashe-Na Ziblim Abdulai, Kpatin-Lana Ziblim Fuseini, Tong-Lana Andani Yakubu and Woribogu-Lana Abdulai Alhassan.

Mr Issifu who has been discredited by the immediate family of the  late Ya Naa Yakubu Andani as national secretary of the Andani youth association, told the media that the business of the Andani family rests in the bosom of the family heads.

He claimed the Yoo Na sent the Vo-Na, the Tong-Lana and Woribogu-Lana to inform the regent of Dagbon-the Kaampakuya Naa Abdulai Andani about the decision reached by both Abudu and Andani families at Manhyia palace.

He named eight members from the Andani family as representing the 3 chiefs committee which produced the Road Map in March in 2006 which gave birth to Kampakuya Na’s regency and solved many other issues of the peace process.

They include Sung Lana Mahama, Gulkpegu Gbanlana now Lamashe Na, Kunkon Lana now Kpating Lana, Zugu Lana. The rest are Tampion Lana Alhassan Andani, Savelugu Gbanlana Kpema now chief of Duko, Zoggu Lana Abdulai (decease), Kpandai Na Bawa Mahamadu now Vo-Na.

Mr Issifu said the meetings were between the Abudu family and the Andani family but not between Na-Yakubu Gbanlana (Regent) and former Ya-Na Mahamadu’s Gbanlana who at the time did not exist.

“Let it be known that there is no Dagomba custom that says before a Ya-Na’s funeral is performed all regents of chiefs must be replaced by substantive chiefs,” he said.

Claims of ignoring Gbewaa Palace after Manhyia Palace meeting

An unimpeachable source at the Gbewaa Palace has confirmed to Zaa News that the representative of the Yoo Naa who was enskinned by the Kampakuya Na didn’t show up at the palace but sent a delegation to inform the Kampakuya Naa about the Manhyia palace decision.

The source told Zaa News that when the delegation came it was however agreed at the Gbewaa palace that a meeting be held on the matter and decision taken before the 3 eminent chiefs submit their report to the president.

The Yoo Na (chief of Savelugu) delegation which was led by the Vo-Na never returned to the Gbewaa palace but rather chose to go to Accra to represent the Andani family which was not a collective decision, the source said.
The Abudu side, Zaa News sources gathered, reported the Manhyia palace decision back to Yendi before the 3 eminent chiefs went to Accra and presented their report.

The Andani side chiefs who, the immediate family described as traitors and imposters clandestinely represented the Andani family at the Jubilee house and did not report back to the Gbewaa palace after they returned, the source stated.

Their action, the source added, angered the late Ya Naa children who said their suspicions was right that those chiefs were traitors and enemies of truth and justice.

According to the road map, the Andani family will take their turn at the old Gbewaa Palace from 4th January to 18th January 2019 to perform the funeral of the late Ya Naa Yakubu Andani II.
This will be preceded by the selection of the new Ya Naa beginning 19th January.

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