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IMF Head Says Economy is Vibrant. I don’t Think so

Ghana’s economy is doing remarkably well, proclaim the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Madam Christine Lagarde who swooped into the nation’s capital, Accra, on Sunday, and shamelessly begun to lavish praise on the NPP administration for being a good steward of the economy.
Citing numbers to bolster her head scratching and clearly dubious assertion, Ms. Lagarde said economic growth in the last two years was quite resilient and performed better than previous years by which she meant the NDC did not exactly do a marvelous job of managing the economy.
The nerves of Madam Lagarde to make pronouncements about an economy that does not impact her, and which by all estimates, is still in a funk and doesn’t show any prospects of doing better or long term gains. 
I have enormous respect for the head of the IMF…. her organization deserves praise for lending a helping hand to developing nations to straighten out their messy finances.
Granted the current NPP government is hugely responsible for the lousy state of our economy with its inept management, Ms. Lagarde’s organization, should also come in for the blame, for helping create our current dire economic and financial environment.
The IMF compels, intimidates and threatens developing nations that don’t comply with its directives. Ghana has been at the receiving end of these nasty tactics.
Subsequently, our current and past administrations at the direction of the IMF pursued policies that drove the economy south, making matters worse for all Ghanaians.
It is unfortunate that visiting heads of state and other international figures aren’t permitted by protocol to mingle with everyday Ghanaians.They are therefore shielded from the grim realities of life in the country.
How I wish Madam Lagarde had taken time out of her busy schedule hobnobbing with the cosmopolitan elite in Accra, to visit some of the depressed areas of the capital.
There the international civil servant would have seen and heard first hand, the incredible hardships ordinary Ghanaians are going through.
Whoever she had spoken to won’t have minced their words; they would have told her point blank that the economy sucks, big time.

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