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A Public Health Specialist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) Alhaji Mustapha Tahiru has cautioned Ghanaians not to relax in adhering to covid-19 safety protocols because the country’s acute cases have reduced.

He said the fact that the country is not recording more acute cases is not a guarantee to speculate the virus is no more.

Speaking to Zaa News, Alhaji Tahiru posited it will be disastrous to Ghana and Africa as a whole if there is a re-lap of cases due to the inability of citizens to follow the basic safety protocols outlined by the relevant health authorities.

‘’Trust me if we don’t respect safety protocols, and there is a second break of the virus, Ghana and for that matter Africa will be hell’’, he said.

He also expressed displeasure over the flouting of these protocols by individuals with impunity and asked that hand-washing, the use of alcohol based sanitizer, nose masks among others be taken seriously.

Asked whether the country is fit for the re-opening and resumption of the country’s airport to international passengers as announced by the President in his 16th Covid-19 address to the nation, the public Health Specialist indicated it is in the right direction, but was quick to advise the general public to respect the safety protocols.

I am urging everyone to adhere to the covid-19 safety measures to limit the spread of the virus, because if don’t adhere to these protocols the country will be in crisis if there should be a re-lap of cases’’.

By: Lilian Walter

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