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Finally a glimmer of hope as the NDC goes to court over elections results.


There is hope on the horizon that the political crisis brought on by the just concluded disputed general elections may finally be drawing to a close. This is because the NDC, still enraged and claiming that the elections were fraudulent and stolen right from under its nose, has decided to ask the Supreme Court of the land to take a look at its complaint and render judgment.

The party’s decision to seek legal redress is a welcome development and a huge relief. The alleged electoral malpractices coupled with the NDC’s subsequent refusal to accept the election results had plunged the country into a political impasse with seemingly no end in sight.

And, as if that were not enough, daily demonstrations by NDC’s supporters in the immediate aftermath of the Electoral Commission’s declaration of the results which were in favor of incumbent President Nana Akuffo Addo, had portrayed a nation bitterly divided and dangerously close to political instability.

That the NDC will resort to legal action demonstrates its confidence in the judiciary system despite claims by some in the party that the Supreme Court is packed with Nana Addo’s appointees.

Now, the ball is in the hands of the Supreme Court Justices. I cannot emphasize the important role the court plays in our political dispensation.

The country’s fate hinges on the justices’ ultimate decision which in my humble opinion should be weighed carefully, with due consideration given to evidence submitted by all the parties.

Towards this end, there should be no rush to judgment, no hurried decisions, in fact, everything must be done meticulously. Indeed, it remains to be seen if the court will do the bidding of the man in Jubilee House or put the interests of Ghana above narrow, parochial political interests.

The court’s reputation and integrity are at stake here; it has long been thought of as an honest and independent broker, arbiter. The court has to protect this image at all cost. The NDC’s petition will test the court’s mettle in this regard. And the court will have to prove its naysayers wrong by doing the right thing.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the political health of our country. Any decision reached by the court will be respected and accepted by all parties even if grudgingly. After all, Ghana is more important than the agenda of any political organization.

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