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Find time for God-Most Rev.Philip Naameh advises politicians


The  Metropolitan Archbishop of Our Lady Ammunition (OLA) Roman Catholic Church in Tamale, the Most Reverend Philip Naameh, has charged the political leadership to make time with God.

Reverend Naameh said the political leadership like any other person needs God’s directions to lead the country, adding that God himself recognizes the daunting task in leadership, quoting Mark 6: 30-34 as admonishing leaders to find a quiet place and communicate with God for direction.

Reverend Naameh stated this when he delivered his sermon at the Our Lady on Sunday when President Akuffo Addo on a three-day tour of the northern region stopped to worship with congregants.


He also challenged the leadership to draw inspiration from the bible, and to at least make time with their maker each night to reflect on their governance and make the necessary corrections to ensure they rule to please God.

He said populism can sometimes cause leadership to govern in the wrong direction.
Most Reverend Naameh urged them not to allow their busy schedules take away from their creator.

The archbishop prayed for president good health and his appointees. He also invoked God mercy for peace and justice in the conflict areas in Ghana.

Nana Akufo-Addo expressed his gratitude to the congregation and asked for their prayers every Sunday. “I ask that every Sunday you remember me and the men and women helping to administer Ghana on your behalf,” the president pleaded. “Pray  for wisdom and prosperity, pray for courage, good heart and compassion.”

The president later donated five thousand Ghana cedis (5,000) to the Church.

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