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Formalize yourself with professional standard document-UDS lecturer advises teachers


A lecturer at the University for Development Studies (UDS), faculty of education, Dr Abu Adam has advised teachers to formularized themselves with the current trend in the educational sector, especially the teachers standard document in order not to be left behind and later blame the system.

Teachers with knowledge of the standards he noted cannot be coerced into activities outside their core mandate in the classroom.

 Dr Abu further advised teachers to make good use of in-service teachers document adding teachers values and professional practices was key.

He underscores the need for teachers to recognize the urgent need of their profession and improve upon it. Teachers, Dr Abu stated, must see the standards as guidelines of all guideline’s they need and be conversant with it.

Teachers conduct and posturing in the classroom, he said, must be measured because pupils easily adopt and copy attitudes of their teachers and   also place so much values and respect in whatever their teachers say.

The lecturer was presenting a paper on the topic; Standards and Compliance, The Ghana teacher prize on education regulation policies in Ghana at a day’s sensitization workshop organized by Africa Institute of Management Science (AIMS), a nongovernmental teacher training and capacity building organization.

The workshop brought together about 500 basic school teachers within the Tamale metropolis. Dr Abu charged teachers to go beyond their motto that says ‘We leave to teach ‘ and teach well.

The country Ghana, he stated must rise up to the expectations in the teaching sector and show commitment towards the treaties such as SDGs goal 4 which focuses on education she has signed onto.

’’The challenges confronting teachers’ yesterday’s is totally different from todays and stakeholders must take note of it because expectations have also changed’’ Dr Abu observed.

Dr Abu stated that teachers are role models adding it’s sad as a teacher to ask students their future career and none will mention they want to be a teacher. Teaching he adds was not just a classroom affair but goes beyond that.

 Teachers he lamented have been taken for granted by other professionals but   forgetting that teachers can make and unmake those disrespecting them.

He pleaded with teachers to endeavor have good values, be knowledgeable and practice it failure of which will make them look incompetent in their carrier. Dr Abu encouraged teachers to update themselves with professional knowledge and understand current practice.

Dr Abu Adam further encouraged teachers to pay attention to assessment of their work because it is critical in every profession. 

He emphasized the need for a teacher licensure exam reminding them that teaching in Ghana must be seen as international just like nurses and doctors can practice outside the country.

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