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Fuseini Chimsi endorsed as the Yong Dakpema


All fetish priests in Tamale, except the Tamale Dakpema have endorsed Fuseini Chimsi as the Yong Dakpema.

The fetish priests at a meeting at the Duuni Naa’s Palace at Yong Duuni, over the weekend agreed that once the sacred tale is with Fuseini Chimsi, it would be traditionally not practical to take it back, a situation they unanimously established has never happened in the history of Dagbon.

The Priests who attended the meeting to find a resolution to the Yong Dakpem Yili Chieftaincy stalemate, include the Duuni Naa who is the head of the priests, Buglana represented by the Wulana, Guma Naa, Tuutingli Tindana represented by the Wulana and Tindaan Kpegu.

The rest are Yag Buglana, Kaa Tindana, Kanvil Tindana, Sanga Tindana, Zaazi Dakpema and Kakpag-Kug Tindana.

The Yong Duuni Kpanalana Mohammed Chimsi, communicating the decision of the priests on behalf of the Duuni Naa to the media therefore directs Fuseini Chimsi to fully assume responsibility as the Yong Dakpema.


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