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the sad demise of Busunuwura Nungbaso and the remarkable installation of Busunuwura Monasah, a sign of cordiality in the area


It was dawn but no sunrise. The only egg of the Turtle dove dropped off. The Egrets with the cattle at the pasture but no herdsmen. Maidens set no fire at the domestic homes neither were there traces of brooms in the compounds. Hoes, guns, cutlasses, adzes and other farm implements were oiled and sharpened yet no male attired. People were heard screaming and running helter-skelter with parents commanding their wards to chase and tire up all domestic ruminants and birds in the pen. An indication that ‘Kayigbon tiye’

The Tumpani drums could not tell of this. The Dawuros could not announce it. Neither could the Bintirin join the Longi in pronouncing it.
Yes!!! ‘Kapole ya nwurwe!!!! ‘Busunuwura keta mobe kelo na ngben’
Like wildfire, the sad news reached all; “Busunuwura is no more”.

Chiefs mourned, Widows mourned, Orphans mourned, Busunu mourned, Gonjas mourned, Savannah mourned, Ghana mourned, Yagbon cried.
After the traditional ritual and rite; He was accompanied to “kamande”
‘Functus officio’

            THE NEW ERA

On that sunny afternoon of their return from Yagbon, all summoned to welcome Him; Mbonwuraana, Nnyamase, Akepo, Atandana, Ebore-shunpoana, Abaipo and Adogti excitedly gathered. It was all magnificence, pomp and pageantry over his(Muruguwura) nomination as the new Busunuwura. All the royal gates were there. All the big names and Sub-Chiefs mentioned as suitable successor’s after the fall of Busunuwura Nungbaso were present; a sign of brotherly solidarity.

But what a consoling sound of trumpet by the Nnyamase!!!!!
“Arise all in grief! Advance the mourning head! And cease lamenting for the mighty dead! Quench all the funeral tapers in your tears, And as the fainting flames expire, Let your soft falling tides retire; and with the tip of your cloth, dry your tears…..But what is the journey that has brought us here? To Jonorkpowu gate; to the great kelonde and courtyards of Muruguwura Amadu Changa Kramoh, and to this solemn moment?
After our spiritual and ancestral consultation, we bring to you a new beginning, a new era and a new King; Muruguwura Kramoah Changa Amadu is our new ruler……… May Jira Nungbaso sleep well”

January 4 2020 will forever be a memorable date for Children of BlueCity. After our chosen king was taken through some elaborate customary and traditional rites to acquaint himself with all the rituals and intricacies of his new position, he was enskinned peaceful amidst merry making.
The event was witnessed by hundreds of anxious onlookers who lined up the streets of Busunu to catch glimpses of the new Busunuwura-in-the-making. Subchiefs and Clan heads were there to extend their congratulational hands and to wish for God’s blessing and wisdom for Jira. Foreign Partners and Youth leaders of various sub villages were also there.

Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu II(silent but powerful dog) in his durbar speech read on his behalf by Madam Mary Korsah, stressed on the need for a united front in Gonjaland to accelerate development. He also emphasized on the need for government, CSOs, the religious, NGOs and Children of Blue City to join him in the developmetal agenda of the traditional area. Jira Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu II then urged indigenes of Busunu to come home and invest.

Politicians on the grounds; Hon Mutawakilu Adam, Lawyer Samuel A. Jinapor, Hon Muazu Jebreel etc could not hide the felicity of sitting under the same umbrella to preach peace and to shower praises on the good people of Busunu traditional area for a successful reinstitution of a traditional ruler devoid of violence. They also proclaimed and wish that, other traditional areas in the Savannah vicinity emulates what the Nnyamases and BlueCitians did. They then promised to extend helping hands when the need arises.

Busunu; a beacon of tradition and culture, a hospitable and homogeneous community has divulge what our ancestors have so often done in history. The Nnyamase’s with profound reasoning and intense research has appointed for us a new king who was enskinned by the Wurbinas. With the numerous chieftaincy succession disputes in Gonjaland in the last decades, most were them who had chicken emotions that Busunu was on a time bomb. But here we are; solidly behind our new king with a common objective. The grasses never suffered neither was an ant hurt. Yes!! We have done it; with each new dawn filled with infinite possibilities for new beginnings and new discoveries without mayhem. Yes!!!! Busunu have done it. We did it to the admiration of all Gonjalanders. We did it for Yagbon. We did it for Kejakpa-nana.

Source: Ghana/ B. Isaiah

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