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Gov’t lockdown decision was inappropriate&inconsi erate – Kumbungu MP


The member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak has described the government of decision to lockdown Accra and Kumasi and Kasoa   as inappropriate and inconsiderate.

Honorable Mubarak said  there was no adequate provisions to support the vulnerable who live from hand-to-mouth and the government should have conducted due diligence before such decision.
If you are lockdown, you lockdown with cognisance to the fact that adequate provisions are made with a lot thought going into it.

The government should have identified how to reach out to the vulnerable, the chalco sellers, barbers and hair dressers who in the period of lockdown were unable to go out.

The process, he noted required involvement of local  Assembly. The district level involmement, especially members  unit committee  was key
unfortunately, for reasons best know to the implementers of the program  the districta were not involved in terms of even distribution of food.

The told Zaa News that he was exceedingly happy about however the government for quick in lifting of the lockdown.

‘We were this close  to  having civil inseraction and civilian confrontation between civilians, police and military because people had to go out and find something to eat’ he observed.

Parents were locked at home, stuck with their families, they needed to eat, he said.

Health implications of food distribution

The government food distribution program during the lockdown honorable Mubarak observed could have also brought another health issue.

According to him, the people were fed rice  throughout the period which contains sugar and starch explaining that nutrition wise it could have lead the country to another major health issue.

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