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Hardi Pagazaa hails the appointment of Dr. Amin Anta as Minister of Finance


A former deputy Northern Regional Communication Officer and staunch member the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Iddrisu Hardi Pagazaa has congratulated Dr. Adam Mohammed Amin Anta on his appointment as Minister of Finance. In his Facebook post, the NDC communicator stated that what matter most to him now is his friendly and brotherly relationship with Dr. Amin Anta and not their political ideological differences.

According to him Dr. Mohammed Amin Anta is the first Dagbana, the first northerner, the first Muslim and above all the youngest ever to be appointed to highly respected position as the office of the Finance Minister.

Mr. Iddrisu has recounted the political life journey of Dr. Mohammed Amin Anta after he failed three times in his attempt to be become a parliamentary candidate Member of Parliament for the then Choggu/Tishigu and Tamale Central constituencies.

“From a humble beginning as a “madaha” through to NUGS general secretary, to acting NUGS president, to commissioner of PURC, to deputy northern regional minister, to Mayor of Tamale to MP and deputy energy minister to Minister of state at the finance ministry and now to the substantive finance minister.” He narrated.

While congratulating him, he urged Dr. Mohammed Amin Anta to pay special interest to some of abandoned projects by the New Patriotic Party in northern Ghana. He cited projects such as portions of the eastern Dagbon roads, Tamale-Nanton-Karaga-Gushegu road, the Yendi, Yapei, Damongo and Bole water projects, Busuno-Daboya-Mankaragu- Yagaba roads and the Almighty Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH).

He said  the Tamale Teaching Hospital has become a death trap. “Basic consumables such as hand gloves are now being bought by relatives of patients before they are attended to.” He lamented

He further stated, despite the Ghanaian economy being irreparably damaged by his own party, he is however optimistic that his brother and friend Mr. Anta will still make the youth of Dagbon and entire north very proud for the remaining nine months that he will be in office. “For the first time in my life and from the depth of my heart I will say a very big thank you to president Nana Addo for trusting in the competency and capacity of Hon Dr Anta.” He declared

While extending his best wishes to Mr. Anta, he is however quick to remind him of H.E John Dramani long awaiting 24 hours economy in January 2025, which he described as game changing policy.

Meanwhile, in his conclusion, he left with him a quotation from the former President J J Rawlings which states; “Never in the history of this country have the eyes of so many centred on the so few. The so many are the masses of this country and the so few are you and your appointees” He therefore appealed to him to take a clue from that quotation and remember that so many eyes are on him and should never allow himself to be used. “For if you allow that, don’t forget you shall be the sacrificial lamb in the end.” He concluded.

Source: Issifu Alidu Laa-bandow/

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