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“Yellow-Yellow” operators call for allocation of permanent terminals to reduce traffic congestion in Tamale


Commercial tricycle operators popularly known as “Yellow-Yellow” in Tamale have called on the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to expedite efforts in finding permanent terminals for their operations. They contend that the lack of permanent terminals for their operations has led to traffic congestion on major roads of the Tamale metropolis.

There are over 30,000 tricycle operators plying their trade in the Greater Tamale area. The tricycles are the popular means of transport in the northern region with over 90 percent of residents patronizing their services. Speaking to Zaa News, the leadership of the tricycle operators stationed opposite the Picorna hotel lamented that traders and drivers accuse of being the cause of the traffic congestion on the roads in Tamale. They argue that the lack of a permanent station for their operations has led to many operators using the shoulders of the roads as their terminals. This, they say ultimately results in numerous road accidents.

The secretary of the operators at Picona makeshift station, Damba Musah Mohammed, lamented that traders and drivers accuse them of being the cause of the congestion on the major roads in Tamale. “Our main problem at this station is, on Tamale market days it is very difficult to cross to the other side of the road. We are appealing to the authorities to devise measures in controlling the traffic” he stated.

Touching on taxes, one of the operators Mohammed Wumbie Iddrisu lamented that despite the exorbitant taxes they pay to the assembly on monthly basis, it does not reflect on their lives.

“Every month we pay Ghc15 pair “Yellow Yellow”.  In estimate we have over 20,000 tricycles operating in Tamale metro, so just multiply the number Ghc15 by 20,000 and see how much you will get but we don’t see any improvement’’ he lamented.  He said “Apart from the assembly levy we pay, we also pay road worthiness to DVLAevery year”.

A trader, Hajia Sadia, called for the decongestion of the road.

“We are calling on authorities to come to our aid. We experience a lot of accidents on the road especially on market days due to the congested nature” he stated. She added that ‘’many drivers are in-patient to wait for pedestrians to cross, we are calling on the metro assembly please come to our aid”.

Source: Alhassan Tarimbia

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