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Infrastructure without discipline is meaningless-Tamale mayor

The Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tamale, Mr Iddrisu Musah has said Infrastructure development and beautification of Tamale will amount to nothing if the current rate of indiscipline continues unabated.

Unable to contain his anger, the mayor said wee smoking, prostitution and gangsterism gained ground in the metropolis and threatened Tamale’s march towards progress.

The mayor popularly called “Superior” was sure that criminal activities can be curbed if opinion leaders and the clergy want to help instill discipline in the metropolis.
In 2018, the major came out with the ‘Tamale Project’ initiative.

The essence was to instill discipline within the metropolis. A committee consisting of imams, pastors, assembly members, unit committees and the security was formed to help execute the project.

Among many of the goals of the project, decongestion within the central business district, getting rid of wee smoking and stopping children of school going age from roaming at odd hours, are at the top of the list.

It was also to stop unauthorized structures on road reservations and public spaces to forestall chaos in the society. But the project was truncated by members of ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government who felt the Taskforce work will paint their government bad and threaten its electoral fortunes in 2020

The Taskforce squirreled back into their shells until the metropolis started witnessing unusual crime. Mr Superior pointed accusing fingers at politicians as those who are behind the growing indiscipline and insecurity.

The conference will come out with a working document to find a lasting solution to bring back the sinking image of Tamale. “Tamale can become city of free criminals,” Mr Superior stated.

Presenting the overview of the Tamale Project to stakeholders, the acting Metropolitan Coordinating Director, Alhaji Baba Abdul Rahman made a passionate appeal to chiefs and traditional rulers to always consult the assembly before given out plots or lands for either residential or commercial purposes.

Unauthorized structures remains the major challenge confronting the assembly quest in ensuring sanity within the metropolis. Those structures he noted obstruct vehicular movement and also affect electricity wires and water pipes, hence the need for chiefs to be more cautious in giving out land.

Section 12(1) and (2) of Act 936 of the local government enjoys the assembly to exercise political and administrative powers to ensure

Section 43 of Act 936 empower citizens to petition assembly on any matter for which the assembly is responsible written or orally and the assembly is mandated by law to provide response.

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