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Religious leaders firmly behind idea to instill discipline in Tamale

Alarmed by the growing insecurity in the Tamale metropolis, religious leaders on Monday declared their support for the Tamale Metropolitan Security Council in its fight to contain the problem/

Drawn from the Central Mosque, Anbariya and the Zongo Chief Imam Shehu, the religious leaders pledged their unflinching support to the Tamale Project. They made the pledge on condition that authorities will broaden their consultation, be fair, just and respect traditional authorities while urging city authorities to ensure that those tasked to help instil discipline are themselves disciplined.

The leader of Anbariya Islamic Institute, Sheik Saeed Zakaria said religion is clear on social vices and called for wide consultation in everything city authorities intend carrying out.

Sheik Zakaria said he has received several complaints from residents on the increasing social vices in Tamale and had to embark on tour of the metropolis to unearth the veracity or otherwise of what he was told, especially prostitution .

The Islamic scholar revealed that he was shocked to the marrow when his son drove him round all the hangouts of the prostitutes, adding that at each stop or gathering place of the ladies of the night, the prostitutes approached them thinking they were clients.

The experience made him realized that Tamale is no more the city they use to know and urgent attention was needed, the Sheik said. S

Sharing his opinion at the TaMA consultative conference on the rising indiscipline and insecurity in Tamale, the Sheik said he had to call on the regional chief Imam and tell hime that religious leaders will be held responsible for the decay if they did not speak out.

The chief, Sheik Saeed added expressed worry and assured him of his support. He also called on the Tamale old him that he has an obligation by virtue of him being the traditional leader to ensure sanity in Tamale, the revered Islamic scholar added.

Representatives of the regional Chief Imam, Sheik Ghazeli said they are in full support of the Tamale Project to bring the sinking image of Tamale. The Salichin Zongo ( Zongo Chief) in Tamale, Shehu  Abdul Mummin Dalhu reminded city authorities to be just in the implementation of the project.

Leader of Masjidul Brayan, Sheik Ibrahim Basha did not mince words. He said if the people to implement the project themselves are not clean then, they should forget about it.

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