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Invest in our local entertainment industry-NORDRAFIM President to government


President of Northern Drama and Film Makers Association (NORDRAFIM), Abdulai Abdul Jalil has appealed to government to build a befitting cinema in the northern region.

He said the unavailability of a cinema in the region affects the progress of production, especially the movie industry, hence the need for government to support the industry. He reiterated that the local movie industry is full of potentials that need to be invested into.

He said despite the challenges facing the industry, the local movie players are on top of their job bringing and producing the best of local movies in the industry.

‘’We can compete with the rest of the world if we invest in our local movies. Our movies are doing very well but the lack of support from government, and citizens is making work difficult for industry players’’, he added.

Mr Jalil emphasized that there are so many talents in the local movie industry that need to be supported to do more for the industry, adding that the quality of story-lines and production that comes from the region is relatively good as compared to other local movies produced across the country.

The NORDRAFIM President also added his voice to the call to ban telenovelas from airing on local television stations. This he noted will save the county’s dying culture. He stated that television stations that show these series with the aim of entertaining their viewers are making things difficult for actors and movie producers in the country.

According to him, silence on the subject on the part of policy makers will destroy the moral fibre since the continuous showing of foreign drama series in the country is a threat to unity in homes.
He explained that the government should stop television stations from importing foreign drama series and rather employ local experts to act good drama series for television stations. This, he said, would promote employment, equip the local industry, enrich the use of the language and promote culture.

‘’If these telenovelas are banned, it will create room for more improved local movies in the industry’’, he said
By: Lilian D. Walter/

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