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Invest in security -Security Analyst to Ghanaians


A Security Analyst Adib Saani has advised Ghanaians to be vigilant and security conscious. Adib Saani who gave the advice in an interview with Zaa news, on a wide range of Security issues in the country exhorted the public to complement the efforts of the security agencies by providing timely information on suspicious activities for immediate action to be taken.

He emphasized the responsibility of the citizenry to support the security forces to deal with the threat to internal security and the counter activities of insurgents. He said Ghanaians should report suspicious activities around their environments to the Security Agencies to ensure the safety of the citizenry. According to him, public security is the duty of politicians or men and women in uniforms, but a shared responsibility for the entire citizenry. Adib Saani who is also a Foreign policy Analyst further encouraged citizens to invest in security.

 He could not understand why some people who put up million dollar facilities do not see the need to invest in surveillance technology. He said if citizens invest in security systems, such as alarm, electric fences, CCTVs among others, it will go a long way to ensure safety. Adib Saani also urged Ghanaians to be privacy-conscious as the exposure of personal information on social media is a major contributory factor to the increasing breach of privacy in the country.

He said many Ghanaians easily gave out information aiding criminals to attack innocent citizens. Adib Saani again stated categorically that the investigation system in the country is porous. He reveals reports from the police indicate the country recorded 313 murder cases in the first half of this year. Out of the number, only one case has been solved this, the Security Analyst says is not encouraging and asked that the police up their game to in the fight against crimes in the country.

Meanwhile a Security Analyst Adib Saani says youth unemployment is a “potential security threat” that needed robust measures to address. In his view, the youth stands the chance of falling into all kinds of vices which could pose a threat to society’s growth and development. He indicates that the youth are endowed with great potential which could be put into good use to make them meaningful members of society. He said government should depoliticize job creation policies in order to ensure that the country does not risk breeding criminals through the neglect of jobless youth.

By: Lilian D. Walter/

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