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Islamic scholar warns politicians about the monster they have formed

An Islamic scholar, Dr Al Hussein Zakaria has warned politicians in the country to be wary of the consequences of the monsters they have formed in the name of internal party security.
In view of Dr Al Hussein, the current call on political parties to disband all vigilante groups associated with them is not the solution because they came together and formed a formidable dangerous group like the Al Shabab in Somalia.
According to him, some Ghanaians are playing with the idea of political vigilantism, forgetting the real danger of their activities.

He cited Somalia, where the Al Shabab militia started with very a strong extremists position on how the country was being governed and started preaching, which sounded well into unsuspecting Somalis’.

According to him, they succeeded in taking over Somalia and governed it for three good months. It took the intervention of  the UN and some African countries to join forces and fight the militias, whom he said have formed their own universe.
In many instances, violence extremism is associated with Islam, which he said is unfortunate.  Seventy-one( 71) percent of violence extremism, Dr Al Hussein noted, take place in Africa and some part of Asia.

He blamed the issue on African governments whom he said fail to provide satisfactory jobs for the youth, with the unemployment rate among them exposing them to extremists groups.
Dr Al Hussein said until African governments begin to reason and fine-tune the educational system, their youth will continue to be indoctrinated by extremists.

In a society where people are well- educated and well- informed, terrorist activists are minimal and that in Europe is 1%. He was happy that chieftaincy disputes are dying now and urged the authorities to pay attention to religious and political disputes.
Dr Al Hussein, who is also the Executive Director of Community Development and Youth Advisory Center (CODEYAC), warned that it is dangerous for political parties to identify or align themselves with chieftaincy.
Dr Al Hussein   at a forum organized by NORSAAC chastised African politicians for focusing on personal development rather than the people they claim they are governing. This, he said, has led to unprofessional conduct of people who claim to be security operatives.

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