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Ghana is not far from repercussion of Violence extremism-citizens worried

Panelists at a round table discussion on Violence extremism in the northern region have agreed that even though there are not organized extremist groups in the  country, Ghana is not far from experiencing a worse form of the issue.

The panelists also observed that violence extremism is a global issue and needs serious attention by everyone in the northern region and the country as a whole.
They are therefore calling on key stakeholders to up their game by coming out with strategies that will nib the matter in the bud before it begins to rear its ugly head.

The discussion, organized by NORSAAC, under the auspices of Canada Fund for Local Initiative and the Canadian high commission to Ghana, brought together different religious bodies, Christians and Muslim student leaderships, representatives of youth groups in Tamale and some civil society organizations.

The panelists also agreed that young people need to be educated on the value system because they are exposed to different cultures.
If young people begin to put their own interest first, they will not fall into the hands of terrorist groups, the panelist observed.
They have advised the youth not to panic about any form of ideology but rather be vigilant.
One of the panelists, Hajia Abiba Chambas called for the same attention given to the fight against HIV/AIDS to be given to political vigilantism.
According to her, a lot of people, especially young people, still need to know the negative consequences of what these groups can cause.

The Monitoring ad Evaluation Manager at NORSAAC Amin Issah Dana explained told Zaa News that the rationale behind the round table discussion was to further deliberate on the disturbing emerging security threats.
Mr Dana explained that it was important for the various groups to share their experiences after they had been trained and was advise to be advocates Against Violence extremism.
After listening to them, we came to conclusion that more need to be done to save the young people.
A female UDS graduate he revealed can’t be traced by her parents and the suspicions are that she has been lured by the extremists.

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