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Late meals dangerous to your health



A health practitioner at the Tamale Central Psychiatric Unit, Mr. Issac Bolu has revealed that the intake of solid or heavy food at night impedes digestion which is not healthy enough for a good sleep.

According to Mr. Bolu, going to bed with a full stomach interrupts your sleep which has health implications, this he said is not advisable. He further stated that eating late at night predisposes one to diabetes, hypertension, as well decreases your immunity. He therefore advised that snacks should be the appropriate food supplement to deal with at night. He was speaking to Host of ‘Health Matters’ Rowena Sefakor Torsu on Zaa Radio.

In order to improve your sleep Mr Issac said one needs to develop the habit of eating more vegetables and easily digestible food before going to bed. While calling for the intake of more fruits and vegetables, Mr Bolu emphasized that it should not be taken late in the night so as to improve digestion.

He added that the type of mattress and pillows must be given full attention since that determine the positioning of your body. The health officer also spoke about the need to have a regular sleeping time as well as a comfortable sleeping environment to help improve your sleep pattern.

By Lilian Walter Daborikuu

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