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Vendors advised on food safety



A biochemist, Mr Divine Eli-Cophie has cautioned the  general public, most especially food venders, on the dangers involved in the exposure of food. The exposure of food, Mr Divine noted, can lead to the contraction of food borne diseases. He stated that the wind that blows over exposed food carries dust and some micro-organisms that can be detrimental to human health.

In order to ensure food safety, there is the need for one to make sure that  cooking is done in a very hygienic environment, with clean water and utensils. Food, he noted, should be covered if not ready for consumption. He therefore advised food venders who are mostly perpetrators of such to take their personal hygiene seriously, by cooking and selling in a clean environment.

Mr Eli-Cophie was speaking exclusively to Zaa news on the need for every individual to be concerned about food safety. Mr Eli-Cophie who is also a registered dietician  further stated that in order to improve food safety you need to cook your food properly before eating and making sure that whatever that is used in cooking is clean. He also stressed proper hand washing during, before and after cooking. Food safety, he said, is very critical to human health.

By: Lilian Walter Daborikuu


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