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LEAP secretariat assures there will be no politics under its watch

The national programs manager of Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), Mr. Seth Kwakye Amofa has assured Ghanaians that the program will deal with targeted people without any political affiliations.

Mr. Amofa, who was updating metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives and their coordinating directors from the Northern, Upper East ad Upper West Regions in Tamale at a day’s sensitisation workshop on Friday, said LEAP remains resolute in assisting the four key types of people identified as beneficiaries.

LEAP, he said, is currently over limiting or eliminating many people from getting onto the program. The limitation, he explained, is to enable the LEAP secretariat extend its helping hands to alleged witches.

The LEAP program manager told the MMDCEs that, the development partners of LEAP frown on political interferences in the implementation and even at some point, threaten to withdraw their funding.

He explained that the LEAP secretariat is also aware of what he called undesirables in the current data and is making frantic efforts to address them.

The secretariat, Mr. Amofa added, is currently going round on the ground, to identify the names of the dead in the beneficiary register and when they do, they will quarantine their cards.

The LEAP secretariat, he added, is also embarking on recertification after deleting the undesirables. LEAP currently has a total of 213,044 households benefiting from the program.

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