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My people are not notorious smugglers – Chief replies Immigration Service claims


The Chief of Kuyuli in the Tatale /Sanguli district, UBORE NAMBU JAKOBKI IV has disrepute aims by the Ghana Immigration Service in the Northern region that the people in the community engages in smuggling of goods.

The chief expressed his disappointment that the public affairs unit of the GIS failed to  conduct any thorough investigations amvut rather jumped into conclusions that his people are smugglers.

Ubore Bambu Jakobku refuted strongly the  description of the good people of Kuyuli in the Tatale/Sangule District
as being noted for “their notoriety in smuggling activities’ in GIS’ statement signed by the Assistant Inspector, Christian Kobla Kekeli Zelivu.

Two officers of GIS  scheduled for night patrol at Kuyuli on Sunday 21st at about 8:40pm involved in accident leading to officer death and other in critical condition.
Kuyuli according to the GIS is unapproved route from Tatale to the neighboring Togo.

But the chief in a statement vehemently rejected the immigration service description of Kuyuli people described it as  unfortunate and untrue.

‘I want to put on records that, my people are peace loving, accommodating, well cultured, very
responsible, law abiding and very hospitable and anyone who knows or have ever worked in
Tatale/Sangule District will attest to this fact’, the chief maintains.

The Kuyuli people the chief noted have lived peacefully with the Ghana Immigration
Service personnel since the establishment of the Post at Natchamba No. 1 and that Majority of GIS officers are being or have been accommodated by his people and  built a relationship
that can be described as very cordial.

It is regrettable that the Ghana Immigration Service failed to inform the palace about any ALLEGED criminal act of smuggling by any member(s) of my community or seek my assistance in any form as the custodian of the land to address the menace, the chief said.

Kuyuli by its location the chief explained witnesses hundreds of commuters passing to and from Togo through the community for various reasons and
these commuters cannot unfortunately be deemed to be residents/natives of Kuyuli community.

According to the chief, description of his people by GIS was not just an insult to the community but it has portrayed the people bad and unpatriotic citizens. The unfortunate and untrue description of people by GIS he added has damaged the community and its people’s reputation at home and in abroad. ‘My people and I are therefore demanding an official unqualified apology and retraction of this untrue and unfortunate statement from your outfit and a publication of same in the media to correct this wrong impression your statement has created in the minds of Ghanaians and the global community at large about Kuyuli community and its people’.
He (the chief) want to assure you(GIS) of his highest commitment and support to any form within his
capacity to assist in investigation in this unfortunate accident and to also make your operations within the District and my Community successful.

‘My doors are always open to welcome you
anytime my assistance is needed’ the chief further assured.

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